Friday, August 12, 2022

Simple Answers from Petty Motorworks LLC for WARETOWN: Improve Fuel Economy

Simple Answers from Petty Motorworks LLC for WARETOWN: Improve Fuel Economy
Aug 12th, 2022
What can I do to improve my fuel economy?
Petty Motorworks LLC Answer:

There are actually a lot of things WARETOWN drivers can do – some of them are pretty easy. One of the first things is make sure their tires are properly inflated. On the inside of the driver's door or door jamb is a plate that indicates the correct tire pressure. Careful – there might be a different pressure for the front and rear tires. Check them at least once a month.

Carrying extra weight in the vehicle hurts . Leave unnecessary stuff home. Do we even need to mention driving fast around WARETOWN and jackrabbit starts? Gently accelerate and plan your stops so that you can ease into them a bit. This really makes a big difference. Now there are a number of maintenance items that improve fuel economy for WARETOWN drivers. Lubricants should be replaced on schedule – dirty oil, transmission fluid and differential fluid cause more friction and drag which hurt . A big one is having a fuel system cleaning done if needed. A dirty fuel system can really reduce engine efficiency and increase fuel consumption.

And if your Check Engine light is on, take your vehicle in to Petty Motorworks LLC in WARETOWN for a diagnosis. Some conditions that trigger the light can really hurt your fuel economy. Getting the necessary work done to correct the fault will help your engine run better and may bump up your fuel economy.

And watch out for miracle cures. There are a lot of products being sold in NJ that claim to increase fuel economy. Check them out before you buy. Ask your friendly and knowledgeable pros at Petty Motorworks LLC for ideas to improve your vehicle's fuel economy.

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Friday, June 17, 2022

OEM or Aftermarket? (Choosing Replacement Parts)

OEM or Aftermarket? (Choosing Replacement Parts)

It happens – a part on your vehicle breaks or just wears out.  The replacement part is very important. You want it to last and perform like new.  That’s why your NAPA AutoCare Center uses quality NAPA replacement parts.  The parts we install on your vehicle will meet or exceed the specifications of the original parts.

Let’s break that down.  “Meets” means that the new parts will perform the same as the parts they're replacing.  “Or exceeds” means that sometimes, the replacement parts improve on the original part. 

A replacement part choice may be tailored to your preferences.  Let’s take brake pads for example.  Perhaps you value quiet brakes.  Someone else prefers high-performance stopping power, or minimal brake dust accumulating on their wheels.  Your service advisor can help you select brake pads that best meet your needs.

There are hundreds of thousands of auto parts needed to service all the vehicles on the road – including yours.  Your NAPA AutoCare Center will install the right parts for your vehicle.  They also provide a nationwide parts and labor warranty – ask your service advisor for details.

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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Key Programming and Duplicating.


Last year Petty Motorworks made the decision to enter into Automotive Security Key duplicating and programming. I received my Vehicle Security Professional Credentials from NASTF (National Automotive Security Task Force) in an effort to support our customers with the best service in the area. The cost of replacing keys from the dealership can be very expensive and we offer a significant saving by doing it in house. If your key is broken or not functioning correctly don't wait until you need a tow truck. We can repair your existing key or replace it if needed.

Welcome aboard Mike!

Petty Motorworks would like to welcome Mike Marlowe to our team. Mike will be our shop foreman and lead technician. We are so excited to offer his talent and experience to our customers.

Mike entered his field like most technicians, with a passion for fixing things. Mike’s first serious job in the industry was with Flimington Ford in 1988, he stayed with the dealership until moving south 8 years later. Mike continued with Ford for over 20 years and attained the level of “Specialist” in most categories of repair, including Diesel Engine Repair and Diagnosis. Mike chose to pursue work in the independent market following his time at the dealership in an effort to expand his knowledge to other car lines, and to have a closer connection with his customers. Mike attained the level of Master ASE Technician and also specialized in diagnosis.
Mike has been an active member of the Lacey Township community and volunteered his time as a Baseball Coach for his two boys, Michael and Nickolas for many years. Mike also enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his boys and wife MaryAnn.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Amelia Island Concours D'Elegance - The Main Event

The show started at 9:30 Sunday morning and we were on the field first thing. We finally walked home to my brothers at around 3:pm and we were exhausted.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and the cars that we saw were unbelievable. My brother and I were trying to estimate the total value of all the cars on the field and we could not even guess. You can do some of the math based on what you see below. This was a once in a lifetime experience for any car buff. 

If any thing catches your interest just click on the picture for a better view. 

My oldest son Josh and My brother Jim

Parker Petty

1903 Franklin

1934 Duesenberg J-531 Convertible coupe
Overall Best in Show

That's me

Sale price of $12 Mil.

Below is the 75 Years of Ferrari exhibition lineup
The following line up was valued at over $100 million dollars.

A similar 250 GTO just sold for $48.5 million a few day ago at auction

My distant cousin Richard Petty's cars

My big brother and I

Simple Answers from Petty Motorworks LLC for WARETOWN: Improve Fuel Economy

Simple Answers from Petty Motorworks LLC for WARETOWN: Improve Fuel Economy Aug 12th, 2022 Question: What can I do to   improve  my fuel eco...